This Life Or That?

Today’s blog post was inspired as I was driving home Friday night from work.  Past 24 hour grocery and department stores, 24 hour fast food drive-thru’s and pharmacies.

I wondered how we got to this point.  When we had to have everything and have it now.  Sometimes as much as I love my computer and my ipod and my twitter and my facebook and my digital camera, I think I was born in the wrong time.images

I yearn for simpler times.  Times when things were open during daylight hours and everyone went home in the evening and you didn’t go anywhere on Sunday’s except to Grandma’s for an early dinner.

When the milkman came to bring your milk and you knew all your neighbors by name and kids ran in packs jumping ditches and riding bikes and no one worried about getting home until it was bedtime.  When the same doctor treated you from cradle to grave and dentists still pulled teeth instead of sending you to the next city over.krw_vintage_ladies_home_journal_1915_magazine_poster-p228662719068485661t5wm_400

When you tended a garden and made things from scratch and mothers tended to their children instead of child care centers paying minimum wage.

And when I get really down on my “fast paced, modern” life, I remember my grandmother next door raising five little ones in a house basically built by my grandfather adding more rooms as each child came.  And I think about no indoor bathrooms and pressing dresses for her girls each day and no DVD’s to plop the kids in front of or mcdonald’s for a quick bite to eat.

So maybe there can be a balance.  Because really no one is forcing you to live the 24 hour life right?  You can still plant a garden and cook from scratch and find local farmers and spend Sunday’s with your grandparents right?

And should you need that Redbox for the weekend movie or a pizza on the way home or you stand in the grocery on a Sunday afternoon cursing the hoards and swearing next time you’re going to hire a babysitter for the evening and shop at 11p.m,  it’s there right?  You can be all proud and cocky and curse this lifestyle on the way home and then stay up until midnight watching Jamie Oliver tour Italy on You Tube because you can.

My life…..a series of contradictions.  Changing on a regular basis.



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5 responses to “This Life Or That?

  1. thamesvalleymums

    We still have a milkman!

    Also, stores close at 4 on a Sunday. When I first moved here I used to comlain about it, but not I kinda like it.

    I’m doing lots of research in the pre-WWI era, yes it was a very different time.

  2. Ah my dear, I think you know this one’s close to my heart! But you know, you are right, we are absolutely blessed with all that is available to us. We can simply choose the best of both, as far as possible, after all. 🙂

  3. yeah. i’ve been to the “Nothing is open after 4PM, and closed on sundays land” It’s called Hartsville, SC (where we just moved from) I HATED IT! i agree, slow down, plant a garden, be home on the weekends with family. but when its forced on you living in a location you don’t want to be in away from your family then you don’t like it very much.

    goodness, sorry. didn’t mean to rant and rave so much!

    My kids are so excited about planting a garden together when we get into the “permanent house” I have been looking for what veggies will grow in the desert… still looking :-/

  4. I completely agree with you on all of it. Especially on holidays I get particularly annoyed with the fact that we live in an always open always available time.

  5. blueskyhi

    I’ve been back-reading your blog as my sister has added you to her blogroll. I think you’re a fantastic woman and that you have an inner-strength second to none. I live in Perth, Western Australia and here there is no Sunday shopping unless the town is a tourist precinct. There is one 24 hour pharmacy to service 1.5 million people. So here the shops close at 5pm Saturday and re-open 9am Monday. I moved from Sydney, where everything is 24 hours, to Perth when I had a baby and toddler and it took some major adjustment to living here. I remember driving 80k to buy diapers for my baby because everything was shut up tight. But once adjusted to it I began to enjoy it even though sometimes it is still an inconvience.

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