Spoken at Bedtime

“If I hadn’t been married to your Daddy, then we could not have made you and you are the most fantastic thing in the world, what would I do without you?”

“You have to know that  your Daddy has some problems he needs to work out right now and when he comes back I am sure he will want to see you first thing”.

” Your Daddy and I made you together, so you have a part of both of us in you.  You are part Daddy and part Mommy and you will always have us with you that way”

“I know that where your Daddy is right now he is at some time thinking about how much he loves you.”

“No matter what happens with Daddy, your Mommy is going to be here everyday”.

“I’ll always be here with you for as long as you need me, until you grow up and move away (tears from  her), don’t worry you can stay here with me as long as you need me.  We’ll be two old ladies living with fifty cats.  You’ll be 83 like your grandpa and mommy will be, ummm 113 and we’ll be two cranky old ladies and i’ll be chasing you with my cane saying, “Ems, pick up your socks I don’t want to see your wrinkly old feet”.

Love and laughter instead of me saying what I really want to say which is:

“I’m sorry your piece of crap father can’t seem to place you above his drug addiction that continues to land him in jail for  unexplained periods of time.  He used to be a really good father.”



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11 responses to “Spoken at Bedtime

  1. God. It’s so unspeakably unfair. And also… thank god for you. And for those precious girls.

  2. elaine

    good job,..” the real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but far more difficult to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment”.. blessings. ..e.

  3. No matter how bad his behavior, help your girls at least keep a small part of their father in high regard. I know this from my own experience of having a mother who completely poisoned me against my dad. He never had a chance in my eyes. Not that he really deserved one, but we might have had some sort of relationship if I didn’t look down on him so severely.

  4. Liz

    I can recall how many times I was biting back the remarks that Lil’s father probably didn’t even deserve. I can’t imagine how hard it is when to a greater extent, they are well-deserved!! The girls will figure it out on their own as they grow up, but it’s a shame it has to be that way. Stay strong hon!!

  5. What a good mom you are. It’s difficult I know, and you might wonder if he would do the same if the shoe were on the other foot, but you are pulling it off marvelously.

  6. *grrrrrr* to EX

    OK, better now 🙂

    You are doing such a wonderful job, IF he’s lucky he will see what beautiful girls you have raised. I’m still waiting for my biological dad to get over his addictions and problems, but you know what? I had a strong, loving mom by my side ALWAYS and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    you’re super woman

  7. So good to know that I am not the only one saying these things to my babies at night.

    It takes such strength to say this instead of what we really want to say. You are doing an awesome job as a mom. Keep it up!

  8. You are an amazing momma. truly!

  9. underthebigbluesky

    you are all unbelievably supportive. we all do it as parents, every day!

  10. thamesvalleymums

    Good for you for being so positive with the children. It must not be easy.

  11. It is hard to say those things to the kids when what you really want to do is pack them up and move them far far away. But we do it b/c we know it’s the right thing to do….even though you want to bleach your mouth out as soon as you can immediately after.

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