Shame on You and Mucho Bad Karma

to whomever found my blog by searching “nude kids”.  i have just updated my posts changing all my “pictures of life with kids” titles and tags  to “life with kids”.  not sure what else to do, but it makes you feel vulnerable and disgusted to the point you want to vomit.

the words i have for you cannot form in my head they are so strong.



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6 responses to “Shame on You and Mucho Bad Karma

  1. Um, ewww. Yeah, I’ve seen some not so good sounding searches myself. I guess the creepos can crop up from anywhere.

  2. syd

    Oh honey I’m so sorry. I recently removed a post from a side-blog I do for the same reason, I can’t even say what some of the spam comments I got said, they gross me out too much to even give any more thought to. Yucky.

  3. Eeeewwwwww! Beyond words… eewwww!

  4. Liz

    I’m pretty much a pacifist. But people like that make me want to do unspeakable violent things to them.

  5. I agree with what Liz says. It makes me feel sick. Thank goodness wordpress enables us to see what people search for. Blogger had no such application when I had my blog there.

  6. what?! that’s crap! let’s get him! (or her… but i’m guessing it;s a him… i’m just saying…)


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