Letter To The School Librarian

Hello Mr.  (School Librarian  Media Specialist),

My daughter, Cute Little Redhead, is in Mrs. Stevenson’s Kindergarten and has been unable to locate her library book for the last two weeks. As we have to peruse the towering stacks of books we have at home and as she cannot remember what book she checked out of your library, could you kindly email me or send a note that would let me try to get this book back to you? I appreciate your time and apologize for the delay.

XXXXXX XXXXXXX, incompetent book tracking, single mother.



***yes, this was my real email, to which was replied with the name of the book and the comment “sometimes I lose a book walking from one side of the room to the other”.  Nice media specialist.



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3 responses to “Letter To The School Librarian

  1. It’s so great that your daughter’s school is so helpful. I sometimes wonder how other parents seem to have all together!

  2. he he he. You are funny. Nice to know there are people out there who have a sense of humor AND they work at your daughter’s school!

  3. *L* Glad you were given the title. Good luck locating it.

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