Starting The Plants

The girls and I started some of our seeds today for the garden I’ve been dreaming of. The details are not laid out completely, but the seeds are sown, both literally and figuratively.






















The outcome: some for us, some that won’t make it and some to give away.  We started this weekend out with:

          6 sage                                                3 zucchini

          6 oregano                                         3 summer squash

          6 rosemary                                       4 mixed peppers

          6 dill                                                  6 green beans

         8 basil                                              6 peas

         4 parsley                                          6 sugar snap peas

         4 cilantro                                         6 tomatoes



























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3 responses to “Starting The Plants

  1. Oooh looks great! We’ll be doing this sometime very soon. Good luck with yours!

  2. Very exciting. I put my potatoes in this weekend. All 80+ of them!

    Looking forward to seeing their growth!

  3. hey copy cat! we just planted herbs 2 days ago! the difference is that mine will most likely die and your will live 😦 i want a green thumb SO bad!

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