New Look

So I updated my page.  I think I like it and I think it’s going to stay.  The dark background really makes the pictures POP and yet I still get to keep with the earthy colors.  Plus I’m tired of doing the header battle.

So this week has been a bit out of sorts for me, how about you?  Something is seriously twisted around for me this week as I CANNOT seem to get it together.  I’m back to my favorite word this year:


Uggh, it’s such a horrible word.  I tend to just flow with what I’m feeling, but obviously, that isn’t working for me.  So breaking out the notepad, compiling lists and biting the bullet again. 

I’m debating on a haircut again too.  I do this when I get overwhelmed and tired of my old routine, I think about cutting it all off and everyone says NOOOOO. Just like they say DON”T START DYING IT! I’m not near gray yet, but it’s taking longer and longer in the bathroom plucking the gray’s out and everyone who says don’t dye it……dyes their hair, so I don’t know whether to trust them or not.

I swore I was going to age gracefully and wear my hair long and gray down the back.  Funny how things change when you are 37 and facing the collapse of your own body.

To top it all off, I came downstairs yesterday morning and offhandedly said, “I feel dumpy.  I think it’s time for a makeover”.  Not really to the girls in particuliar, just because being the only adult here, I tend to talk to myself sometimes.

Ems replies, ” I think so too Mommy.  Finally, something we agree on”.

Thanks Ems.



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2 responses to “New Look

  1. wow, new look! i clicked over and thought i made a mistake 🙂

    i like it, very graphic. i was so used to the other design though, so simple… it will take some getting used to 🙂

    yup. i plucked a white hair the other day… i have to do that more and more often, i am worried, save me, why won’t it stop?!

  2. syd

    Love love LOVE the new look, AND the new blog!

    P.S. I just dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago and got it all cut off. I actually dig it. I still can’t decide if I’m disappointed in myself about it or not (losing the grey), but I definitely like the color better than the whole idea of picking out the greys (there were way too many anyway).


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