Rainy Day Doll Play



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  1. I just love it when Rose loses herself in her little role play world. Her dolls become her babies, her friends, fairies, witches, shopkeepers etc and they never object to their new roles!
    I was just thinking earlier today how much closer to her dolls Rose is than the older three ever were. I’m convinced that it has something to do with the fact that her dolls are all Waldorf style dolls (her favourite one Mamamade!) as we phased out the plastic ones before Rose was old enough to remember. Does that make me sound like a bad mama? Getting rid of their playthings? I can’t work out why but it’s different somehow. I would never dream of chucking out one of Rose’s cloth dolls. Not never ever! They are part of the fabric of her childhood. But somehow the plastic dolls that were bought for the older three when they were younger just never felt like that. They were tossed aside and treated quite disrespectfully in comparison.

    Love the new look blog btw, and I’m following your new one too. I’m a bit of a blog nomad. I keep moving and changing and starting new ones and then deleting them. I really need to settle down and concentrate on one thing at a time for a change!

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