Coming Along Nicely

The projects around here seem to be coming along nicely, minus the sewing, I just cannot get back into the groove right now with it, not for lack of interest, mind you.  It also doesn’t help that the sewing table, aka, dining room table, is completely taken over with the seedlings.  That and the (re)organization of the  house (those lists are working) has been the main focus.

The veggies and herbs are in week four now and coming along nicely, minus two snap pea deaths due to one vicious predator, Annabelle, the cat who eats every plant ever come to life in this darn house. Luckily I planted enough to spare.  The ground has been sufficiently tilled for both patches, so I look forward to a drier weekend to get the peas and beans in the ACTUAL earth.

It’s very strange how attached I have become to these little plants.  It almost pains me to have to stick them out there in the BIG BAD WORLD where I won’t have an ever present eye on them.  But, AHEM, they are plants so DUH that’s where they belong.  Call me the world’s biggest SAP.

In the greening department, I am now working on greening the laundry room.  So there has been some research going on here to assist me in another goal this year which is making my own non-toxic laundry products.  Not there yet, still have to decide which route to go and gather the materials.  Am thinking this is going to come after the (re)organization, but in the meantime I found these little lovelies: 


This lovely, old-fashioned, non-toxic, good for the earth, good for us, laundry detergent, fabric softener and dish soap from Sweet Grass Farms.    I got the laundry products in Lilac one of my favorite scents and the soap of course in Lemon Verbena.

It’s a little more than the kind I could get at the store, but you only need an 1/8 of a cup for the wash and the clothes have been just as clean and sweeeet smelling.  So if it works out it’s still only $0.22 a load.  So that will do in a pinch until I decide if I want to continue to make my own after my little experiment.  And to be completely simple, doesn’t the dish soap look so cute in my window?  Silly mama.


In the world of my other blog, Becoming Domestic, I took off the organization main route for a quick post on my favorite topic, FOOD, and have a short post this week, so go enjoy!!!

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  1. i only use non toxic cleaners and i have never heard of this, i am going to track this laundry soap down and give it a try. my hubby hates that the kids i use (seventh generation) doesn’t “smell as clean” at the toxic kinds so i am trying to find a middle ground.

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