Random Thoughts….

My stomach hurts.   In an annoying way.  Not I’m going to vomit.  Not pain.  Just aches.  I think it’s been a really bad week for me eating wise and my stomach is revolting.  Have been wondering if maybe a fast would help break this horrid eating habit I’ve settled into.   Feel the need to detox a bit, but  still have to feed the girls a decent meal.  Crap.  I probably just have a bug.  Having spent the first five months preggers with Ems and first four months preggers with Boo in a constant state of nausea, 24 hours a day, I don’t take kindly to nausea anymore, or yogurt or ginger for that matter which were supposed to be the cure all.  I know I’m whining.  Forgive me.

So what’s going on?  Been trying to catch up on blogs.  Those bloody lists I talked about here, seem to have taken over and that means I’ve actually been productive and not vegged out here in front of the screen.  I was even sewing last night. A-HA!

Funny thought, if you made it past the nausea rant.  Twice today I read the word “triumvirate” which I had never heard before.  It means “any group or set of three” .  Once in an email from dear Elaine, who is a single parent fairy godmother in talking about herself and her kids  and once in a cookbook (of course) about chicken salad being one of the triumvirate of white salads along with tuna and potato.  Are you bored yet?  I just think it’s really cool, I ran across this word, of all words, twice in one day!  From this point on I will reference the girls and I as a triumvirate, but I won’t steal Elaine’s wonderful description of her own family.

This weekend I am spending some time with some old friends.  Friends I haven’t seen in about eight years or so and who knew me pre-marriage.  It will be a fantastic time I am sure and I am really looking forward to spending some time with some IRL (read “in real life”) friends.

Enough.  Enough I say.  So here is some linky love and I promise I’ll have a more meaningful post up in the next day or two.

We bought this book about Spring and I adore it in my “there are many paths up the mountain” kind of way. Here.

A Daily Dose of Coyote, makes my day. 17278419

If you like LOST, or not, you should read Jorge Garcia’s blog, Dispatches From The Island.  They finished shooting the finale, oooh, getting excited.

John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop, the ultimate mad scientist,  on Fringe, has to be the most exciting character on television right now, right up there with Benjamin Linus.  

It’s 8:51 p.m.  Night all!  SMOOCH!


****p.s. Ems back home with stomach ache too, so must be a bug.  Gonna be a long night.



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2 responses to “Random Thoughts….

  1. elaine

    feel free to use/borrow anything that is sent off the tips of my fingers.. i take no ownership for wisdom that comes thru me from the Gods, i think it is meant to be shared by anyone who can make good use of it… i too have the bug, 3 days now, thank God for great neighbours who watch over me and cook me rice.. even in your “not feeling so well state”, i hear your optomism, resilience and joy.. have a wonderful weekend with your girls and friends..e.

  2. i hope you all feel good soon. no fun when the family feels yucky.

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