Old Friends

Are the sunshine in my life.  Ten  years later….




We used to be inseparable.  The stories are way too long and boring for anyone outside the circle which is why there were no significant others for the gathering.  But there were photographs and long ago written notes and a lot of

remember whens…..

remember whos…..

and a lot of laughter.  I mean a lot of laughter.  I almost peed my pants two times kind of laughter.  The kind of laughter you get when you are reminiscing with the people you hung out with when you were in your early 20’s.


They remember who I was before the marriage….and they are kind enough to tell me I haven’t changed.


But no, they haven’t really either.  They are the same. The same.   Only better.  



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4 responses to “Old Friends

  1. Aww. That’s awesome!

  2. ShawnieB

    Love ya Jen!!

  3. Thats just wonderful to have those special friends for all those years…… and still have such a brill connection….


  4. Krista

    Well said! I was telling my mom that it was as if we had seen each other a week ago, not ten years ago. I have always had fond memories of all of you, but forgot how much I truly love each of you. I’m so glad that facebook as brought us back to each other.

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