School Day

The girls got their yearbooks.  Yes, yearbooks in Kindergarten.  So Boo, shows me her class, Brianna, the meaniest of the meanies and Tyler who has worms in his pocket and Angelina who was her best friend and was going to invite her to her birthday party until she moved away.  

Then came report cards.  Ems with A’s and three B’s.  Boo showing consistently evident or developing in all areas.  A third marking period with Ems winning an award.

Guess, I’m doing okay… even with all the madness.

Will set these out as a reminder on those days it feels like nothing is right.

And do you see the picture of Boo below at the ballfield making that sourpuss, spit out face.  It seems that her mother (yours truly) forgot to show her that you have to shell the peanuts before you put them in your mouth.



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