Elephants, Bears and Cows, Oh My.

So not something you are likely to be stalked by in the forest on the way to Oz? 

These are my three favorite animals.  If you ask me what my three favorite animals are, I will say, Elephants, Bears and Cows.  Why elephants, bears and cows?  No idea.

Elephants are matriarchs and I’m a single mother from a family of predominantly females.

Bears are cuddly and lovable looking but fiercely protective.

Cows, well, they are just cows, but who can resist a real cow.  I mean a well cared for clean cow.  

I am trying not to eat cows again.  I didn’t for a long time.  I’m working my way back through the organic farm but it’s really hard.  I really, really, like beef.  Perhaps I need to spend more time with the cows.

Elephants have a bloody history don’t they.  Come on, who really needs ivory?  Let the elephants keep their tusks. One of my favorite books is about an elephant, Modoc by Ralph Heifer sits on the bookshelf beside me now.

Recently, a couple of my favorite websites introduced me to this wonderful group:

The Ursa Freedom Project  through

Animals Asia


Freeing caged bears in Asia from bile farms.

GO VISIT…(please).




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