When I’m downstairs in my groove and  hear it from upstairs.  

That whining-cry that means there are going to be dramatics related to either:

A. someone hurt someone else’s feelings or

B.  someone shoved the other in some form……

I want to flee in a frenzied flight of fancy….right…out…the…door.



Filed under girls, home life, single parenthood

4 responses to “Fleeing…

  1. i identify. sorry i have been absent so long.

  2. That is SO my life … waiting for the whining, arguing, why did Alexandra get a sweet at school and I didn’t. Uugghhh. Not sure there is anything I can do about it. I’ve heard that when they become older they become good friends. One can only hope.

  3. syd

    Boy do I hear that (literally and figuratively).

  4. With four daughters I can identify with this too. Sometimes I tell myself that I’m going to stay out of it and allow them to sort the disagreement themselves but it usually escalates beyond reasonable in no time at all and so on a good day I calmly trudge up the stairs to bring some peace and on a bad day I will hurl myself up there like a banshee screaming at them to pack it in!

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