I Was Mean Today.

I am a really, really nice person.  The put others ahead of yourself kind of person.  The always smiling, nice things to say kind of person.

Today, though, I was mean.  Mean to a random  person I’ve never met.

I was at the store.  The girls were behaving.  I was placing my items on the conveyer belt and a man pushes his cart behind us and he’s one of THOSE people and by those I mean he is having a conversation with someone on one of those crazy horrible earphone things.  Just chatting away the whole while. (I was annoyed because I hate that). So as I continue putting my items aboard he grabs the divider and starts putting his items up on the end and of course I’m still okay but (slightly more annoyed as I’m still unloading). So saving the giant heavy bag of dog food for last, I bend over to get the dog food from the bottom of the cart and as I am lifting it up he TOSSES THE DIVIDER HAPHAZARDLY WHERE IM GETTING READY TO PUT THE DOG FOOD and STARTS PUTTING HIS STUFF UP and HE’S STILL ON THE PHONE!!!!  

So I turn around and whip out “I still need some room  here” and throw the dog food onto the divider, throwing a dirty look and slamming the toilet paper on top of the dog food.

He mumbled sorry and I don’t know what he did after that because I was (slightly) embarassed and wouldn’t look back again.  It’s not like me to blow a gasket on complete strangers, so I felt a bit odd.

He might have been telling his phone friend about the crazy lady in front of him but maybe (just maybe) for a second he thought about getting off his damn earbud phone and paying attention to the people around him.



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2 responses to “I Was Mean Today.

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  2. Kat

    I don’t blame you for saying something to him. It is very aggravating to have someone completely disregard you just because they’re on the phone.

    I, too, am usually a very nice person. I have my days though, but I guess we all do!


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