Breakfast In Bed


The girls made me breakfast in bed on Sunday.  Boo put her little head next to my pillow and whispered, “Mommy, what are you going to make for breakfast”?  I pretended I hadn’t heard their murmured plans and thought for a moment what they could make.  “A waffle or a peanut butter toast”.  Then I rolled over and pretended to sleep.img_0391

So here we are.  Van’s waffles with a wet spot of maple syrup in the middle.  A whole apple as Em’s explained they aren’t allowed to use the sharp knives.  A glass of orange juice with ice (my favorite).  Oh and that’s Boo’s foot trying to knock the whole thing over.

They sat on the bed and scrutinized  my every enthusiastic bite.  And the poor dog had to wait to pee.



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3 responses to “Breakfast In Bed

  1. syd

    That is the sweetest darn thing!

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