Mother’s Day.

So I’m spoiling the surprise a little.  My Mom hasn’t gotten this yet because she was away this weekend and I know she reads my blog first thing, so surprise.  I made cheesecake for Mother’s Day.  I’ve never made cheesecake, and in all actuality this isn’t cheesecake but a cheesecake pie.   All those married years baking and I never did it because I didn’t think I had a springform pan.  Well, low and behold when leaving the old homestead did I find not one, but two springform pans.  A regular and individual size.  But, this recipe comes from that great new pie book I got at the library, which by the way I liked so much I went on today and got for…..drumroll….$0.75.  It’s an ex-library copy, so not only is it  pre-used, it is benefiting a library as well.




















Then my girls had surprises for me too.  There were the pretty little packages from the ceramics group they did at Kilby’s Creamery, (cow to cone in two days) our favorite place for the cows, the ice cream and the arts.


















And I know this is a really horrid picture, but I just took it last minute to show you the gift I had hidden in the garage for me this morning.  My darling daughters told my Grandmother how I was sad that I had to leave my rosebush at the old house when I left the husband and wanted to get me one.  Well, that’s all you have to say and here is my second Mother’s Day present.  They could barely contain their excitement.




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6 responses to “Mother’s Day.

  1. : ) So cute. It looks like you had a great day – which you definitely deserve!

  2. Liz

    You’re not helping my cravings with pictures like that! I’ll have to get the recipe from you.

  3. Mom

    YUM! Do I have to act surprised?

  4. Mom

    Okay, so it is a good thing you brought Steve a piece, too, because I ate my whole little pie while watching Dancing With the Stars. It was delicious (obviously)! Almost as delicious as watching the girls run through the buttercups.

  5. how adorable! i love the picture frames they made you, and what a thoughtful rose bush. now every time it blooms you can think of how much those little girls love you.

    happy (late) mother’s day!!!!

  6. That cheesecake looks amazing! Yum!

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