Danger, Warning.


Does anyone else have children who sit half in/half out of their chairs when they eat?  It is a constant battle in this house.  They are always perched, on one knee or one cheek.

I asked them tonight after the millionth request to sit down…all the way:

“Is there a reason you never sit down?  You are always ready to run… like there’s always a chance of imminent danger and you might have to run out the door in mid-bite?”

They thought this was hilariously funny.  Then they sat down.  For a few minutes at least.

My jack-in-the-box children.



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7 responses to “Danger, Warning.

  1. oh yes. in fact, most of the time she has to run around in a circle after every bite of food. crazy kids. though maybe that’s a good weight loss tip?

  2. underthebigbluesky

    maybe we should try it?

  3. this would be my son, and he would say “because something better might come up i need to go do” every single meal the boy is half seated. drives me NUTS!

    • wow, that’s funny. to me, eating is usually one of the best things I can even imagine doing. so it’s really just part of their optimistic nature that they assume something amazing might happen that requires their attention….very interesting.

  4. Liz

    I have never known a child, my own, nieces, nephews that will actually sit down and stay seated while eating.

  5. oh yeah, S has a cute high chair like a real chair with long legs no straps etc. She creeps forward on it all the time, getting more and more precarious, then when she thinks she’s finished she rams her feet hard into the table and whooshes backwards. accident waiting to happen!

  6. movindowntheroad

    mine do it but we have these tall stools and they finally learned after falling about 3 1/2 feet to the floor! But they also tend to get up from the table and “go do something” in between bites and I’m always calling to get them back to the table. It’s crazy. I have no idea where they learn it, we all sit together all the time for meals! So, now, I take their plate away. If they get off the seat, it means they are done. They don’t tend to travel much anymore that way! ha ha. (I know, I deviated from the point of your post)

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