Anger. Patience.


I just read a fantastic post over on Cheerio Road about dealing with impatience and anger.  So many times when I am commenting on someone’s blog, I feel the pull to turn it into a post over here.

Impatience and anger are tough, tough, tough for me as my days are full, full, full.

I used to be a shouter and a thrower.  Ask the ex-husband about the wooden spoon he almost took to the head when we were first married.

I’m still a bit of a shouter and poor Ems, she has inherited becoming MUCH of a shouter.

The wonderful point Karen made on her blog was how much can change by just acknowledging anger to prevent the anger from reaching the exploding point.

As I’ve made my way through this year and read and listened to my Buddhist teachings, I have started to work more on acknowledging and accepting my feelings the way they are because really they are all a part of me.

So I can say I AM angry.  I AM frustrated.  I AM overwhelmed.  That it is OKAY.  That it is a part of being me.

More importantly I can tell myself.  I feel this way, it will pass.  This is how I am right now, but it will pass. Breathe and know this moment will pass.  Just as the good, so this too shall pass.

And it helps.  Gentleness helps. A cup of tea helps.  A lie on the bed with the door shutting the kids out helps.  A shower helps. Pema helps.  Blueberry cheesecake and chocolate helps but probably not in a healthy way.

But I have also discovered a wonderful tool from my daughters. Going outside and throwing beanbags as hard as you can.  That helps too.




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6 responses to “Anger. Patience.

  1. Wonderful post and very relevant. Blogging helps too.

  2. Liz

    Another trick is punching a pillow. There’s been many a time that I’ve shut the door and used a pillow to take my frustration out. A little violent, yes, but effective.

  3. Thanks for this 🙂 I struggle with it everyday too. My mom bought me a woody woodpecker punching bag when I was kid so I would punch it instead of my little sister.

    I hope I can help my daughter express her anger in productive ways too. The bean bag idea is great!

  4. liz

    No matter how mad or sad you can be childrens laughter can make you very happy! HAPPY VGNO

  5. movindowntheroad

    Oh wow, just tonight I was trying to handle my 8 year old with her not staying in her bed at bedtime and disrupting her sister’s trying to go to sleep, it was a horrible impatient yelling match on both our parts. I finally switched gears and made her sit in the bathroom on the stool for five minutes and then calmly told her I felt sad and disappointed that she didn’t do what she was expected to do at bedtime. She goes “YOU YELLED AT ME!” and I went “I wouldn’t have, if you had just stayed in your bed and remained quiet like you were supposed to!” And then was like, “darnit, that was SO wrong”. In the end, calm patient communication was what did the trick and I think she understood. I certainly did.

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