Saturday 5.16.09



Omelets. Farmstand. Homemade root beer. Jumping on trampoline. Fabric cut for napkins. Lemon coconut quickbread. An apron around my waist. Library books. Repotting herbs. Fresh picked strawberries. Cart rides.

Very, very good.

Mistakingly buying jalapeno cheddar pierogies. High School Musical 3. Another bad dream.

Not so good.



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5 responses to “Saturday 5.16.09

  1. we just had some yummy frozen yogurt topped with fresh strawberries about an hour ago 🙂 god stuff. glad you are having a wonderful Saturday.

  2. Your blog is lovely! Thanks for stopping by the “Burbs”! I love pierogies too, but jalapeno? YOWSA! Have a great weekend and have some of those beautiful strawberries for me!

  3. as soon as i ran across “play for change” i thought if you 🙂 i thought you’d like it, ha ha. and roosters? a blessing that early? hum, that’s gonna be tough but good luck!

  4. Yum. I ake it you got those from a farm stand? We have some wild ones growing in our garden … but it will be another month or so until they ready.

  5. HI! It’s been a while. Good to see things are good. I hope your weekend was peaceful and full of laughter!
    C x

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