Random Bits…Again.

Even though I think some of the writing I do such as my post about Boo missing her Dad is some of my best because it’s so emotional to me, I sometimes doubt myself in posting it as to not come across to morose or moody.

But to me this blog is about my life and it’s not all happy all the time.  We have highs and we have lows and to me (personally) as a blog reader (and a single parent) it helps to see everyone having those same highs and lows.  I get annoyed by blogs that are all peachy sunshiney (word??) all the time.  Not that I don’t appreciate them, it’s just like come on, bad day????

So, Boo is better (for now).  It has been over two weeks since she’s seen her Dad and she seems more stable when he’s not around.  So for now we are okay.

In the meantime we are ramping up for a delightful weekend.  My best friend is getting married, a second marriage that instills hope for me for the future and since I am in the wedding the girls are going to my Mom’s Friday/Saturday which makes them happy beyond belief.

So here’s to a happy weekend and wishing one for you all as well!


****Oh and we are waiting on bated breath, Snowflake today has kicked up the fur pulling a notch in what appears to be nesting behavior.  I had about given up on it as a false “hormonal” pregnancy, but now am not so sure.  So here’s wishes for Snowflake IF SHE IS going to have babies to PLEASE have them before I go away this weekend.



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2 responses to “Random Bits…Again.

  1. Liz

    Ooooh, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Can’t wait to see you this week-end!!

  2. It takes my girls at least a week before they seem normal after seeing thier mom. I’m there with you. Have a great weekend!

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