A Day Begins…


with raindrops on our heads awakening us at 6:00 a.m after a night of filling our lungs with fresh backyard air.  two girls tucked into comfortable warm beds and a cup of tea in a favorite “International Department of Magical Cooperation” mug.  searching for good music but the itunes keeps bringing me back to Jack, always Jack, which is just fine.  A blog post, a warm blanket around my shoulders.  mixing of cookie doughs, chocolate chip and peanut butter because the basics are best. it is a day for graduation celebrations for two girls who could easily have been lost who are college bound. it is a day to be proud and a day to fall into old rhythms with family.

IMG_1054 it is a night to return spent with forgotten jam jars.  it is a night with a sweet breeze blowing the curtains.  it is a night of bated breath, of murmurs of thicken, please thicken as strawberries boil down to what i hope will be jam.  girls sleep weary, so tired from another weekend of memories and i sit up late again typing these words so i do not forget how sweet this life is.




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3 responses to “A Day Begins…

  1. Beautiful post. I agree, it is nice to have a ‘journal’ to remember these sweet days! Is sounds like your girls must have many sweet memories, your day sounds lovely!
    I just started making jam only last year, are you following any particular recipe? I need all the pointers I can get ; )

  2. Very well said. You seem very happy and content – may they both guide you.

  3. what a wonderful day! glad you were able to have a nice calm moment in your day.

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