Jam Session


A check off the handmade list this year.  My first batch of strawberry jam.  I used the recipe from  familymeals: creating traditions in the kitchen by Maria Helm Sinskey (a highly recommended cookbook).  No Sure-Jell.  The recipe insisted the mixture of the sugar, the lemon juice and grated green apple would be enough to thicken.  All went well.  It took quite a bit longer than predicted to reach the right consistency.  55 minutes versus 15-20 minutes, but could be because I cut the amount of sugar in the recipe as the berries were quite sweet enough.

So here we are with six 8 oz. jars of yummy strawberry jam for the year.  The girls tried some of the leftover on toast this morning and gave double thumbs up.

Jam set, lids stuck, first time success, and it was quite therapeutic, there, standing and stirring.


Now I can’t wait for the blueberries, the blackberries and the raspberries.

The ironic thing, is I don’t eat jam, but the girls do.



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5 responses to “Jam Session

  1. Liz

    Looks super-yummy!

  2. YUMMMM! I love jam. Especially strawberry.

  3. I mix the jam with butter – like I need it!

  4. Your jam looks great! I made strawberry jam for the first time last summer, too…and had great success. As a matter of fact…we’re down to our last jar. I plan on making more on Sunday. And would you believe I was never a jam person either? But I am now! Nothing like homemade jam… Good job!

  5. Yippe for jam season! Looks fab!

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