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Girls were picked up by grandmother-in-law (i keep having to find weird new terms for people post divorce, must think of some nicknames this weekend) for a visit with dad.  Notice I refuse to capitalize dad.

For five hours now I have been sitting here in front of this darn blog.  First I updated the theme again (I know, I know I’m confusing the heck out of all of you.  I am also the person who rearranges her furniture at least twice a year) because what I really want is a redesign but for now this will have to do.

I wanted to update my links too because they are out of control.  It seems every week I keep finding more and more of you that I am connecting with and now I’m losing some people in the mix.  I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with my links but bear with me while I sort out.  So far I’m to the L’s and that’s not counting the ones I’ve bookmarked that haven’t made it to the blogroll.

And in whatever seems to be weird cyberconnections.  I went to a blog on my blogroll, found a post with a link to a craft idea, followed that to that person’s Flickr, went to add them as a contact and found another blog friend there as well.  Seems we run in the same cyber circles.

Since blogging seems to have become a priority, I’m organizing so I have more time and space to visit.

IMG_1135Because just a quick twirl around cyberspace and you find out, hey guess what, right now chickens and strawberry jam are HOT and crazy ideas like keeping 28 vintage style handkerchiefs in the bathrooms to avoid tissue waste AND the fact that your kids love them can seem quite normal.



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10 responses to “Blog Clutter

  1. i like this design 🙂 I too get bombarded with blog clutter, it’s always good to “clean house.”

    and yes, it is Metallica done with a piano solo! Good ear!

    Hey come back and ask a question, i have a prize for one of the “askers”

  2. Don’t forget about cows and raw milk! Happy weekend!

  3. It’s always nice to know you are in vogue. You didn’t mention growing your own veg, which is a huge rage over here. It’s pretty cool because now all the local garden centres carry unusal varieties and I don’t have to start everything by seed (though that is half the fun).

    I know what yu mean about blogosphere – so you reckon we are all 1 degree away?

  4. I’m all about simplifying and going easy on the planet…but I’ve always said that my footprint will contain tp. Those hankies are just too pretty to…well, you know!

    Thanks for the comments at my blog…it’s a pleasure to meet you! Can’t wait to start reading Poisonwood…

  5. By the way…I like this new design. And thanks for listing me in your Blogroll! I appreciate that!

  6. michelle,

    we will never, i mean ever give up tp!

  7. Very nice! Looks lovely! Thanks too for the blogroll.. : )

  8. I love the normalcy that the blog world brings when a lot of real world people around me think my ways are odd. 😉 I’m itching for a change over my way as well. Good luck with some bloggy organization. I think perhaps some organization and a new look may give me the drive to get back to it again. I miss my bloggies.

  9. elaine

    one of the things i did post divorce was to call my ex and his parents by their first names when i talked to the girls… i always felt uncomfortable saying “your father” or “dad” and could never quite master that term without some of my anger coming thru even on a very subtle level.. the “your father” felt like assigning him to them which felt like unfair burden, he was a difficult person, and of course the “dad” didnt fit cuz he wasnt my dad.., and i think it felt less loaded for them too… of course when they talked to me about him , they referred to him as dad, which was fine.. we limp along and rise up and do the best we can. have a great weekend..

  10. I love the new look. I’m constantly adjusting my blogroll – I sympathize.

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