Hens Dancing

I’ve run into a lot of talk about books lately.  So, may as well mention this one that I’m reading, since it is9780375503863 probably my favorite of all time and that was before I re-read it as a single mother.  I’m going on the fourth read and it is probably the ONLY book from which I have copied a page to keep around when I need a smile, it goes something like this:

“The Beauty and Felix are both festering with my vile cold and are now at the streaming snot and raised-temperature stage.  Giles has no symptoms, so he and I rise at dawn to prepare for school.  Rather wish he was ill too so that I wouldn’t have to bother.  I have the light-headed carefree sense of not having been to bed, which I know will later turn into wrung-out-rag fatigue….and I have developed a tic in my left eye which I fear is permanent….bundle the ill people into the car in their pajamas and pass Giles a small surgical mask.  “Here, put this on so you don’t  inhale the germs from these two.”  Giles stares at me in horror. “No way, Mom, I hate masks.  I won’t catch their germs; I’m in the front.  Why do you keep winking like that? It makes you look evil.”  Cannot believe his intransigence.  He should be deeply impressed at my foresight and top-class parenting.  He should not mention my tic.  “Please wear it Giles.  I’ve got one too; I’ll wear mine if you wear yours.”  I put in on and mumble, “See, it’s fine”.  He is flattening himself against his door now, cringing away from me, only partly as a joke.  “Mum, you’re crazy.  You can’t drive around with a mask on.  And your eye winking.  You’ll be arrested.”  Felix interrupts from the backseat.  “Mum, mum, you’ve got to wipe The Beauty’s nose.  It’s like toffee, it’s really gross.” Turn around to look with the mask on, and both The Beauty and Felix burst into tears.”

Here’s the link if you are interested.  It’s British, single mother, living in the country, raising three kids, dogs and hens in a crumbling old house, in a diary format.   And if you like, it check out the sequel Summertime.



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3 responses to “Hens Dancing

  1. Thanks! Adding it to my list for sure. At this rate they will have to send out the dogs to find me in my book avalanche!

  2. cool, thanks 🙂 sounds like a crazy life i could relate too, ha ha.

  3. Yeah I have read this. I found it scary and freaky that I have three children, my second son is named Felix and my yougest, my dd, we nicknamed The Beauty….!!!! Scary-mary as my ds would say. Weird. But I am not single, although we do live in the country, and alas, I do not think I pull off the cluttered, shabby-chic mad/simple lifestyle that Venetia does 🙂

    Love the red dress too 🙂

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