I Have No More Love For You, My Four Legged Friends

i have just spent the last hour shuffling pets.  snowy to my bedroom, annabelle to bathroom, abby to outside, rabbit to downstairs to explore, cat to bedroom.

the cat is old and cantankerous.

the rabbit has just peed down the front of me as i extracted her from the dollhouse.

the dog has started to dig to china via the backyard.

mama is tired of animals.  

the children i created from the womb, they can more easily cajole me.

today, the dog, the cat ,the rabbit, they are not feeling the love.



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8 responses to “I Have No More Love For You, My Four Legged Friends

  1. syd

    Amen, sister. These cute little chicks have no idea how close they are to getting a long walk off a short pier. 😉

  2. yup, *hand raised in the air* me too! wanna switch animals for a few days????

  3. It must be a bad day for animals…my chickens are lucky they’re so cute. Because if not? Dinner. They tore up my snap peas and nasturtiums…then when I went to grab them and put them back in their coop one of them scrathced the HECK out of my arm. NOT GOOD. My animals are not feeling the love, either. Not a bit.

  4. syd and michelle- oh and i was thinking i would trade them all in for a nice bunch of laying hens, ha ha.

    lizzie-no way, chicka, you have three to many dogs in my book!

  5. Liz

    Just remember that they’re supposed to have a “calming effect” on us. LOL

  6. Oh no–my furry ones and I have had those days as well.

    Hmmm…well more like ONE of my furry ones and I have had that sort of day. Like the day he ate 1lb of butter off the counter, wrappers and all. Or the day he leaped up on the chair and then the table and devoured the entire dozen of bagels I had just baked. Or the day he ate 3/4 of a bottle of Flintstones vitamins AFTER he chewed a hole through the bottle.

    It’s really a good thing his ‘brother’ is cute enough for me to put up with the Always Hungry One.

  7. Lol! oh, this is too funny… yup. I have had the tired of animals moments too ; )

  8. I feel that way often, and then somehow we end up with a new one. Morbid, but we figure as long as we don’t acquire any more longer living ones (ie. dogs/cats) we should be pet free in another 14ish years – just in time to be kicking the kids out to college. 😉 haha

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