Don’t You Have A Bag Tree?


The minimum tolerance waste policy we have here right now results in the washing and reuse of the few plastic baggies we still have.  We are also reusing bread and other bags for these purposes and I hope by the fall start of school to have some reusable fabric snack and sandwich bags/wrappers for all three of us. So I know you can get those funky sandwich bag drying rack things for this purpose, but I have more important things to store on those shelves (ie: pasta maker, juicer, assorted baking implements, food, food, food) so here is my current tool.  The girls climbing tree.  The short  branches make the perfect length to hang the bags on and it feels a little like hanging laundry out to dry. The only important thing I found is to make sure there are no creepy crawly things in there when I take them down because who wants crunchy bits in their sandwich, blech.



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11 responses to “Don’t You Have A Bag Tree?

  1. syd

    Way better than trying to prop them in the sink, which I can tell you – doesn’t work well. Or look as cool!

  2. I love this. I hang mine with a clothes pin above the sink. It’s tough to make plastic bags look chic.

  3. bridge- i like the clothespin method.

    syd-i know that’s what i was doing and it was a mess!

    i guess you could hang them on the clothesline as well.

  4. Liz

    creepy crawlies are just extra protein!

  5. Bet the neighbors wish they had a bag tree!

  6. Lovely. And aren’t the crunchy bits just extra protein. Eewwww….!

  7. first thing i thought was “what a great looking climbing tree!” then i read further “OH!” hee hee. great use of what you have around you 🙂

  8. *L* Looks like a good use to me.

  9. Wow! I feel so inadequate. I guess I better start reusing them?

  10. Too cute! I’ve been looking to make some re-usable fabric bags too. Found a pattern for a sandwich wrap which looked promising.

  11. Ha! This is so great, you crack me up : )
    Good for you, re-using them! I always wrap our picnic food up in a cloth napkin, I like the idea you mentioned of a cloth bag. I guess I need to get sewing!

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