Sunday 6.14.09


When I see the sheepdogs, I’m reminded of focus.  

They are always so intent, at all times on their work.

So content in their duty.

When I hear the thrum of the pipes and see the swaying skirts, I want to go back.  

Then I remember the ache in my ankles.

And the callouses on my feet that never went away.  

Still it calls to me.





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6 responses to “Sunday 6.14.09

  1. Looks like fun!

    And thanks for sharing your summer memories over at my blog. Do you know that I’d NEVER seen fireflies until I was 36 years old? I grew up in California…we just don’t have them here. So when I went back to Ohio…oh what fun! My boys had a blast catching them and keeping them flickering in a jar. It’s one of THEIR favorite memories, too.

  2. Did you come to Scotland and not tell me?!

    Love men in kilts.

  3. Michelle, i was in shock when my husband told me he had never seen fireflies either, I loved your post. It was a nice reminder.

    Susanna, I only wish. Scottish festival, here. You will be the first to know when I cross the pond.
    And so do I, so… do… I.

  4. how fun! i love the sheep dog picture! my grandmother used to have a wonderful sheepdog named Sammy, that is why we named one of our dogs Sammy because he was so sweet and kind, we thought the name was only fitting 🙂

    OK, off subject *sorry!* great pictures, hope you dig up an old photo of you dawning the same getup for our visual pleasure 🙂

  5. Back again. This is a bit off topic but I’ve tagged you for Recycle Week (it’s fun).

  6. lizzie, i have a picture but no scanner, i’ll see if i can get someone to scan it for me.

    susanna, you know i’ll join in!

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