Those Conversations….

That go like this…..

Ems:  Dave Matthews is not very handsome.

Mama:  He doesn’t need to be, that’s not what makes him attractive.

Ems:   What if he was a Wookie?




Boo:  Lord Voldemort is in the driveway.

Mama: What?

Ems: (Giggle).

Boo:  No, Dobby is in the driveway.

Ems:  Oh.  I wouldn’t like that.  I like Dobby but I would be scared if I saw him in the driveway. 

Boo:  Professor Snape is in the driveway.

Ems:  (catching on)  Dumbledore is in the driveway.

Boo:  OOOHH.  Likey, likey.

Ems:  Eww, Dumbledore?

Mama:  Boo, Dumbledore is an old, old man.  He’s over a hundred years old.

Boo:  I don’t care. I looooove him.

Ems:  Ew.  You’re gross.

Boo:  And you’re a hobo.

*Slight Pause*

Boo:  Mommy, there’s a hobo in the driveway.



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8 responses to “Those Conversations….

  1. these are cute conversations! made me giggle 🙂

  2. What a great post for us all to enjoy! These are the times of our lives. Thanks for sharing! What an awesome family you have! Your photos are spectacular and tell a story that makes me want to hear (see) more! Always a pleasure…


  3. syd

    That’s it, we’re coming to visit so we can get in on the giggling. 🙂 P.S. Hermione’s in the driveway!

  4. thanks for the smile. i miss those kind of conversations. it just isn’t the same with teenagers.

  5. hahaha! So cute : )
    How great you have that conversation written down to look back at. I love your banner btw!

  6. lol i think if dave matthews was a wookie he’d have more PR problems. 🙂


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