A Challenge-Recycle Week

So, Susanna, or A Modern Mother,  says that it’s Recycle Week over there in the UK this week coming up June 22-June 28th and she’s challenged me to go along for the ride.  Does this make me even partly Scottish, Susanna, as a blogger participating via a blog relation to a woman who’s married to a Scotsman?

Regardless, this is a tough one for me.  I thought, sure, easy.  But we already recycle so much.  Not much escapes this house.  We recycle, plastic, paper, cans, bottles, cardboard, fabrics and we compost anything we don’t eat minus the meat/dairy.  Soooo….what to do.



Here’s what I came up with.  Zero food waste.  Just for one week.

With the onset of spring and the quickly approaching summer we tend to stock up on produce, and, well…sometimes we don’t always get to it all.  So this week my goal is to have nothing to throw out of the refrigerator at the end of the week.  Susanna’s willing to give up Twitter.  I’ll give up chocolate for a week, because if I give up tea I might pass out!

Since I’m not officially from the UK, I’m not tagging you, but if you want to play along…..feel free!




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7 responses to “A Challenge-Recycle Week

  1. Zero food waste. That’s a hard one with children. Good luck!

  2. Liz

    I hate the fact that so much food gets tossed at this house! I picture throwing dollar bills in the trash every time! Good luck, this is an admirable goal.

  3. Sounds like a plan. I found myself in a spot a couple of weeks ago where some of the fresh produce in my fridge was near it’s last day. I chopped, diced, shredded, etc. in order to get it to my freezer. Worked like a charm.

  4. Very cool…good luck with that! I recycle everything, too…my recycle bin is more full than my garbage bin, thank goodness. Can’t wait to hear how you do!

  5. i like this challenge. i always feel like we do good with recycling, but you reminded me we can always do better 🙂

  6. Zero food waste, that sounds fabulous!
    I struggle with that one, it bothers me SO MUCH when I waste any little bit of food. I have learned smaller portions are the way to go and you can always get more if you need it… I understand about the produce going bad quickly this time of year, I think growing my veggies, berries, and baking bread myself I am more aware of the time energy and goodness that went into it and am a little more mindful. Great inspiration in your post, I will be thinking a bit deeper about the food that comes in and goes out of our house!

  7. That’s a fantastic pledge. Have you seen the http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com site. I used that a lot when I started tackling our food waste. It’s great for showing portion sizes and has loads of ideas for recipes for leftovers. As Susanna tagged you, feel free to join in the carnival a week monday. It’d be great to see how you got on. Good luck.

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