Thanks to GardenMama for reminding me of this favorite quote and sharing her life, her flowers and her simplicity with all the rest of us.

 You are truly a gem of a new blog friend.

P.S.  I cannot believe I haven’t used Picnik to write on my pictures before.  Lovely.


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4 responses to “Trees

  1. thank you for your comment today. you are so right. (why didn’t I think of that?). that is the best part about faith – it does not leave you.

    love that picture above. I have been trying to get a good picture like that of a tree in my yard. you captured it just right.

  2. Gorgeous photo… Thanks for the encouragement on my new journey…I’m so excited. And a little terrified! I cracked up about our book shelf similarities…again! That’s great…as they say, great minds, right?

  3. What a gorgeous photo, I adore the quote that you wrote across it! So creative Mama! *YOU* are a gem sweet friend and I appreciate what you share of your beautiful life! Thank you : )

  4. We have an old copper beach in our garden. Right now the leaves are crimson. It’s gorgeous!

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