Cookbook Love Gone Wild


I just found this beauty at the library this week.  Too many recipes to copy.  I may have to start the used booksearch again.  I refuse to pay full price for new books when there are so many previously owned beauties out there.  To me casseroles are a single working mothers dream and if you can prepare them ahead of time…even better.


And because you are all telling me I SHOULD HAVE THIS BOOK, I will also be searching for The River Cottage Family Cookbook.  Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t already having been a fan of the River Cottage blogs.


We don’t have River Cottage here in the states, but I found this lovely website to watch episodes.  If you’ve never met Hugh, meet him here.  This is the next series of episodes I am just starting.

In the meantime if YOU don’t already have the Williams-Sonoma Family Meals cookbook by Maria Helm Sinsky, you need to go find it.  We are up to five recipes:  Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Pancakes, Summertime Lemonade, Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers, Truly Amazing Mac and Cheese and nary a dud yet.



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10 responses to “Cookbook Love Gone Wild

  1. gosh i love cookbooks. thanks for some new suggestions, library tomorrow!~

  2. OK…so did we already discuss that I collect cookbooks? And…I don’t have any of those…yet. That casserole one looks gorgeous…I love the cover photo. OK…off to search amazon…:)

  3. Ahh, food. I miss it already.

  4. okay…I’ve never heard of River Cottage (does that make me nuts?) but if you recommend it, it must be good – I’ve put a hold on it at our local library…

  5. we’re big fans of Hugh and river cottage here, and have bought all the books, but the one i use most is the family one, so easy to follow for a non-cook like me.
    we also just got one called pie by angela boggiano

    mmm tasty!

  6. yikes, I didn’t need to see this. okay maybe I did but I agree – I can’t pay full price either. I am going to check those books out.

  7. Yup. Used bookstores and the library are my friends! And yes, you *must* get a copy of River Cottage because well, you will just love it! I just found the series online too, how great is that?!
    I assume you have already read The Moosewood Cookbook, and Enchanted Broccoli Forrest? Pretty fabulous!

  8. I’ve already told you that I read cookbooks like novels….thanks for the new reading suggestions. I’ll be checking my local library tomorrow.

  9. I’m like a kid in a candy store….my library has all 3 on order for me via interlibrary loan! Can’t wait to get them.

  10. Thanks for posting these! They look wonderful.

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