Another Great Find…

First, a thanks, to all my family, friends and fellow Twitterbugs, Bloggers, and Facebook pals who sent me loving wishes yesterday as I headed to my divorce hearing.  It has been a long journey to get here (14 month separation) but in the end I felt confident going in that I gave the marriage every opportunity I could in the face of dealing with addiction and that every second and dollar of it was worth the outcome for both myself and my girls.

So on a lighter  note, I said previously that I was going to try to make up some sandwich and snack bags to rid ourselves of the plastic baggy lunch waste.  Coming to face with some serious reality, like lack of time and the outdoors being a priority in this lovely weather, I decided to rely on the talents of other creative  mothers out there to do the job for me.  So I headed where I always do first, Etsy, because I believe wholeheartedly in supporting small time artisans and purveyors of the handmade, homemade lifestyle.

And so yesterday I got this lovely package from Little Green Pea, who sent the loveliest of sandwich and snack bags and they are  just what I needed.  I have ordered a second group from another seller and will post when I get them.


So if you were looking for another easy way to cut back on waste, here is a nice recommendation and if you are less pressed for time than I am you can break out that fabric stash and make your own.



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8 responses to “Another Great Find…

  1. What cute bags! Love the print.

  2. oh, those look so much nicer than the ones I have made. sweet dreams tonight and the next!

  3. These are so cute. I love Etsy…

  4. oooh! sweet fabric, I love this idea so much!
    How do they close? I would love to try my hand in making a few…

  5. Adorable! Love the fabric too!

  6. What a fab idea. Have been trying to reduce the waste from packed lunches too so I think I may have to get crafty, or maybe just head over to Etsy as I’m being sooo lazy at the moment!
    Good to see you’ve had that final break away from the past. You seem to have grown stronger and stronger since I first started reading your blog. Recognising that a relationship is not working is one thing. Actually having the strength and determination to move on is another! I’m full of admiration for you. I’m in a fuzzy area at the moment where I don’t know if I stay because I want to or stay because I’m weak. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, you go girl! Your girls have got one hell of a Mama!

  7. Adorable little bags. She’s got a lot of great things in her Etsy store. 🙂 I need to get my craft room finished – or at least find the tables again so I can do some crafting. Or perhaps I’ll just support some other lovely crafters as well.

  8. cool! are they velcro on top??? i keep wanting to switch from plastic bags, it’s the one thing i am scared to do! don’t know why, i guess because i am SO dependent on them.
    OH i have a tip for you!!! when eating out, bring your own little container so they don’t have to bag it or put it in Styrofoam 🙂

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