Random Bits…..

1. I realized I didn’t post about my no-waste challenge week.  We did pretty good.  No non-compostable food waste except a handful of onions taken out of a cream sauce. We did have some waste with a package of cherries that we got from the grocery store that were basically half rotten and had to be tossed almost immediately and some bananas that I didn’t even have enough energy to turn into muffins.  A nice reminder about buying local, huh?  I know there were some serious opportunities (bananas), but it’s been one of THOSE weeks.  In the end we ate a lot of leftovers and incorporated things that might spoil (cream, ham, veggies) into new dishes rather than forgetting they were in the back of the refrigerator.  A good lesson and by god a hard one.

2.  Back to Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” for a July book discussion over at Ideal Bite.  You already know about my Michael Pollan crush, right?   Every time I read his books or listen to him speak my head almost falls off I’m nodding with excitement so hard.  So I’m re-reading this weekend. AND remember the Food Inc trailer I posted here, my good, good friend and I are going to go next weekend to Baltimore to see it.  Girls day in the city.  YES.

3.  Speaking of this weekend, girls and I are off to my Aunt’s house in West Virginia for 4th of July weekend, so don’t look for any posts until late Sunday.  I will be blissfully disconnected from the world in the lovely mountains and enjoying every sweet minute.   Look for photo overload in the coming weeks.

4.  My house is driving me INSANE.  This art of simplifying is constantly being beaten back by serious lack of time, two children who are whirlwinds of mess and the simple fact that every time I gather up stuff to get out of here, more stuff keeps finding it’s way back in.  The problem is that I never fully cleaned out after the move last year (eleven years of stuff) and the whole aspect of it is so overwhelming I seem to take a look around and go, ” hmmm” and then walk back out of the room.

5.  And while I am complaining, I bought a bathroom scale this week.  Yes.  Scary.  Very scary.  However, I weighed about 15 pounds less than I expected (hooray) but still about twenty-five pounds too much (boohoo).  I’m not sure why I can’t tip the scale (so to speak, ha) toward my need to lose weight versus my constant want to eat.  Notice I said WANT to eat versus NEED.  Can someone please offer me a gym membership and perhaps one of those life coaches to get my life in gear?  I’m kidding.  It appears every life coach in the U.S. is following me on Twitter along with every “social media expert”.  If you are on Twitter, you will know what I mean.

6.  To end on a better note.  There are only fourteen days until the “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” release and tonight I saw new clips online.  Ahhhhh, the uber-geeky Harry Potter fanatic in me is unleashed yet again.  If you happen to also be an uber-geeky Harry Potter fan, you can see one here.

7.  My apologies as to falling behind on blog visits this week.  Did I mention it was one of THOSE weeks.  Hopefully will catch up soon.



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6 responses to “Random Bits…..

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation! Michael Pollan was also recommended to me, and I am looking forward to reading him…when you say you are nodding so hard whenever you read him, I imagine you mean nodding in agreement and not nodding off to sleep, right? : ) I haven’t read him yet, but I will. I was actually debating whether to buy Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, or the Omnivore’s Dilemma on Saturday at the farmer’s market. Kingsolver won out this time! I can’t wait to see Food Inc.! (but I have a very old, serious Johnny Depp infatuation, and my hubby said he’d take me to see THAT new movie since we’ve only seen ONE movie in the theatre since my son was born 2 and 1/2 years ago and that was his favorite, a Russell Crowe flick.) So, Food Inc will have to wait, but this book gives me some food for thought for awhile …no pun intended.


  2. Have a wonderful holiday! I’ll be working – so enjoy some fireworks for me! Wanted to say thanks for all your reading inspiration. Saw the Food Inc. trailer and I am afraid I’ll never eat again… okay..maybe never…

  3. Love that you’re going to see Food Inc. I so want to but where we live is ‘in the sticks’ when it comes to movies that aren’t mainstream. I’m on the lookout but I fear I may have to wait until video.

    Enjoy your time away over the holiday weekend. Kick-back. Relax.

    And as for the house and the clutter….I’d say you’re feeling normal. I cleaned out (seriously) when we moved 7 years ago. Need to do it again but w/out the move this time. Such a chore. Where does all that stuff come from?

  4. enjoy your weekend away – all the rest – can wait : )

  5. Enjoy your weekend, enjoy friends and family, enjoy food – after all, you only live once! You can start over on Monday – I’ll be right there with you in spirit…

  6. Enjoy your weekend!
    It sounds like it will be a lovely one : )
    Thinking of you, be well!

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