New Eyes

Besides the relaxation aspect, the nice part of being away is that when you walk back in the door and drop the bags, you see your home with new eyes.  When I left I was frazzled beyond measure.  When I returned my house looked clean, bright and airy.  Which just goes to show how you can get caught up in the day to day mindview.  There are still too many piles and too much clutter, but the step away gives you new perspective to reach in and grab it one bit at a time.


So when we got home, I immediately unpacked wanting to keep that sense of place.  Then I did a load of laundry.  That was enough.  Today I washed the West Virginia dirt off the car and finished another load of laundry.  Tomorrow……I think I will clean up the last remaining piles downstairs.  All in good time………….we’ll see how long the paced lifestyle keeps up, or down so to speak.



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8 responses to “New Eyes

  1. I can’t wait to see photos of West Virginia. I love to live vicariously through others! Vacation time in Appalachia seems like heaven (I’m sure others think California is heaven, but the grass, as they say, is always greener…!) Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about what you did for relaxing and fun!
    (we just returned from Portland, Oregon, which was also great, but I didn’t get to any “on the river” time, and it looks like you sure did!)

  2. Mon

    Hi, I’m here from Jenell’s blog. Love that you were so conscious of your changed perspective. Funny how clutter can be stifling, annoying, or even amusing. 😉

  3. i know exactly what you mean! the weirdest thing about it is that my house always seem bigger. now how can that be? but it’s really good to have that break, and kind of fall in love with ones house all over again 🙂

  4. That fresh perspective is a benefit of ‘coming home again.’ I too find that after being away for a couple of days I (and the rest of the family) always appreciate my own space. Funny that you mentioned your house looked brighter, airier….I always try to leave for vacation with a clean house and my family doesn’t understand it but I think it’s because I like coming home so much that I don’t want to come back to clutter/mess.

  5. Yes, this is all so true. I am like Nancy -running around cleaning at the last minute. Love coming back home to that especially after camping.

  6. Good for you! It’s nice that you’re giving yourself a chance to see things differently. I’d like to try it myself sometime but I believe we’d have to leave the house for more than a few hours to get a real appreciation. 🙂

  7. I also agree with Nancy, I tend to clean clean clean before we leave for vacation it feels so good to come home to a fresh house. I also understand what you are saying that so much of it is in your day to day that can get overwhelming it all seems a bit easier when you have some time away.

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