Week End.

And the week comes to an end.  And the overwhelming crush begins again.

The, I want to just sit down and cry.  The, I want to collapse in a heap but there’s dinner to clean up and baths to give and laundry to do before my head can hit the pillow.

This forty hour workweek/single parent of two thing is overwhelming me.

I didn’t think I would be doing this on my own and today I am not sure how I am.

But I am the only one who can.  And so I just do.

And every once in  awhile, like tonight, I just sit down and have a good cry.


Then  I remember that the sun will rise tomorrow.  The birds will sing.  The laundry will wait. I will get another chance.  And another. And another. And another.  And then a little blonde girl needs me.  A redhead traps me in a giant hug.

Then I dry my eyes. I tuck the girls in bed.  I take the dog out. I make a cup of tea.  I grab a good book.  I glance back at the dishes in the sink, the unswept floor, I realize they don’t matter, because they don’t.  I’m tired.  And my house is filled with love.  And that’s all that matters.

(Post Script:  I knew I wanted an evening shot for this post, and I had this little quote (I collect them) in my notebook that I wanted to use, but my only shot had electric wires and other yuck stuff in it.  I was pleased that with a little cropping and a little help from Picnik, it turned out quite lovely!)



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13 responses to “Week End.

  1. syd

    Oh lord, I know. Iiiii know. I wonder what is worse, letting it go and waiting until I regain my calm — or the mess that will pile up from not doing it now, making so that I might never have any chance to regain any calm. Did that make any sense? Tonight I’m going with letting it go and reading my book – and hoping that this weekend I will be so peaceful and zenlike that I will have boundless energy to catch up on the dishes and laundry I let go tonight. And hoping that the chickens have enough food in their coop for one more day. 🙂

    xo sending peaceful thoughts and love your way

  2. Oh my friend – I’m thinking of you and the girls…and you’re right – love is the most important thing…

  3. while I am not single, at times I have felt that way either due to husbands travel or just not helping out. Regardless, it is tough! You can only do what you can do. There is always a new day. A chance to start new. Bravo for you for being able to leave the dishes and take care of yourself!

  4. I’m sorry it was a rough day…good for you for taking care of YOU. You are so right…the laundry and the floors and the dishes…they will all wait. Sometimes a girl just needs a good book, a good cry and a cup of tea. My prayer for you is that today is better…the sun is brighter and the birds sing louder!

    And I love that little poem…good job cropping the photo…note to self: check out Picnik!

  5. that’s right, because the dishes WILL wait, and if you want to sit and sip tea and read, enjoy yourself, because being content yourself and a good mom to your girls is more important than the “shoulds.” Besides, inspiration for getting all those other things done will happen, even if it starts with just picking up the long rubber dish gloves.

    You can do it!

  6. Thinking of you….hoping today is a brighter and better day…filled with smiles, laughter and a little bit of sunshine.

    If your family is loved, fed, clothed and generally just taken care of, you’ve done your job and done it well. Take that extra bit of time for you. Cut yourself some slack.

    While I am married, due to hubby’s previous jobs, I have been a single mom for as long as 9 mos. at a time. It is not easy. Sending you hugs.

  7. Your doing great mama! I am thinking of you and send big hugs! Wishing that you get a quiet moment to sit out on the porch and gaze into the starry night sky and just breathe. Wishing you deep peace, joy and fulfillment in this season of life.

  8. You are an amazing mother. Hang in there, and there will sunshine tomorrow.

  9. Mon

    My neighbour and I were just chatting about how much we do and how overwhelming it often is, and about being independant as mothers. That while a partner is nice for us as people, as mothers we feel better for knowing that we could do it alone.

    How some days we go to bed exhausted, sometimes tearful, but ultimately knowing, ‘I did it’.

  10. Sometimes a good cry helps. It’s lonely, I know, but when the tears are gone, the eyes can focus on the important stuff. A clean house is important, but a house filled with love is precious, and your well-being is priceless. Hope the sun will rise bright and warm for you tomorrow, take care.

  11. you are in my thoughts and prayers. hug those beautiful girls. and when the day is hard sneak into their rooms when they’re asleep and look at their peaceful faces 🙂

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