A Dream Home.

I found this sweet little place on my trip last weekend.  I’d like to call it home.  Too bad it was occupied.


Thank you all for your kind words yesterday; glad to know I’m not alone.  Just as the kids do, I’m seeing mothers have their overwhelmingly tired meltdown moments.  Tonight I spent some time outside with the herb garden and the lightening bugs.  Always works wonders.



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8 responses to “A Dream Home.

  1. This place looks perfect…like a dream…

  2. blueskyhi

    My Dad is an avid gardner and he always says that gardening and having your hands in soil is a way of grounding oneself. So often when I’ve been confused or overwhelmed I’ve done some gardening so I could be grounded again.

  3. Isn’t that always the case? Occupied. Beautiful shot of a beautiful dream… I’m dreaming along with you!

  4. The stories those walls could tell. I’m so glad that storyteller is still around – it seems like they are getting to be fewer and farther between. These storytellers need more people like you who want to listen to what they have to say…and create new stories of their own…

    Happy weekend friend!


  5. claire

    Calum saw this and said that it looked like something I would want…I agreed. Looks like you had a lovely time. : )

  6. this looks like a slice of heaven to me! Love this house, this land. Beautiful!


  7. Amy

    What a great spot! I would move in next door…

  8. hum, what could we do to make them WANT to move out *bwaaahhh* 🙂

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