A handful for my dinner…only enough for one, but still more coming…




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9 responses to “Beans

  1. syd

    Oooooh I wish I would have planted beans. 🙂

  2. Well done! My bean patch got wiped out by the deer when the plants were still quite young … no beans for us this summer – I feel terribly frustrated, but I saw one of my boys conceal happiness when I announced this news!

  3. Gorgeous…and WAY bigger than mine! ha! Soon enough…we had to start over with the beans after the pine box fiasco…so I must be patient!

  4. this was our second crop too, and they just started to come around. the first set died on my dining room table because this spring it was just too wet, wet, wet to get them in the ground.

  5. Lovely beans. Bet they tasted good. I love fresh veggies.

  6. Yippee!! Our beans have just started and I picked a pound and a quarter yesterday. I’ll be canning next week baby.. Have a great weekend!!

  7. HEY GIRL! time for me to play catch up (again…) before i venture down your blog I must know what the tiny happy face is for on the right of your title????

    them beans looks good!

  8. we had our first beans today – delicious! accompanied by one of Mum’s cabbages and some our carrots and potatoes. we love home grown!!

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