Glad to have a farmer as a neighbor.


Homemade raspberry yogurt.  Homemade strawberry yogurt.  One dozen eggs.  1/2 dozen cider donuts.  Handful beets.  2 handfuls carrots.  One head cabbage.  3 ripe tomatoes.  One dozen ears corn.  2 pints blueberries.




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10 responses to “$30.05

  1. Good neighbors, and what a feast! I’m hoping to have our first eggplants of the season this week!

  2. I don’t know where I would start – the donuts, the blueberries, the yogurt? decisions, decisions. it all looks so good!

  3. What a glorious haul! The homemade yogurt is intriguing…I keep threatening to learn how to make it myself… Can’t wait to hear how you used it all up!

  4. in 24 hours the girls have just about completely finished the yogurt! it was so good and so much better for them!

    i had to make them stop.

  5. I could eat it all. Not all at one time but all of it none the less. Looks delish. I think I’d have to eat the donuts first. How do you prepare your beets?

  6. Oh man, I am drooling over it all, esp those blueberries. They look SOOOOOO GOOODDD!!!! Oh I want to live at your house, and have your farmer for my neighbour too 🙂

  7. Hooray!! Beautiful bounty!

  8. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

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