Contradiction Sunday

It was cool this morning and I ached to bake a loaf of bread.  So I started, late enough that by noon when it was in the 80’s and the oven was on 400, I was not so sure anymore.  Of course, I had help.  We read about the yeast and the kneading as we worked the dough from the River Cottage Family Cookbook, a new recipe.  What I like about this cookbook, is not as much the recipes but the explanations of where foods come from and why we prepare them the way we do.   We concluded by watching three episodes of River Cottage while it went about it’s business of rising.  I am still amazed that when I say I’m going to watch River Cottage, two girls come running and nestle in with me on the couch.  It’s a tribute to my teaching or my absolute insanity that my children find it entertaining to watch a silly British man mind his veggies and his herds.


Since it was quite beautiful and warm I washed the girls bedspreads and sheets and hung them on the line.  There was a nice breeze which helped after the bread baking.  Simple pleasures like warm, fresh baked bread with butter and the lovely smell of linens hung to dry.  A contradiction if ever there was one.




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8 responses to “Contradiction Sunday

  1. but, a perfect Sunday indeed!

  2. Contradiction or not, it sounds like a good day. I love the bedspread; such pretty colors.

  3. What a nice homemaking Sunday with your girls! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. I love the colors in the blanket. And mmmm fresh baked bread. Definitely one of my favorite smells.

  5. Love this post! I worked all weekend and there is no bread in the house. I refuse to buy it at the store. Last bag I opened smelled like chemicals. Going to have to hop to it today..

    PS- Our local paper had an article about Food, Inc. in it yesterday. Made me think of you… hugs..

  6. blueskyhi

    My kids and I watch River Cottage on a regular basis. I think the definitive change in seasons is intriguing as we have very hot summers and mild winters, hence no autumn and spring. Plus we can grow anything in our vegie patch all year round, except lettuces which get burnt to a crisp in summer.

  7. Sounds dreamy. It’s good to have days like that.

  8. baking bread and having clean linens on the line… two favorites for me!! : )

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