“I remember fingering the handle and feeling the rough edges of an old cup that I have cared for as I had tea with my mother and finally got to tell something I had been wanting to tell her for years.  A year later I was drinking from that same cup the afternoon my friend told me she was pregnant.  The cup unites these two moments in my life.  If I have hundreds of cups, one simple cup is not so intimate.  Things and people lose their perceived value when there is an overwhelming quantity of them.  It’s as if the mind goes on overload and ceases to see the details”.

—Jacqueline Kramer, “Buddha Mom: The Path of Mindful Mothering”

My empty table, stripped of everything including it’s tablecloth the other day is a reminder.  This passage read yesterday at lunch time.  All the other or extra things that are cluttering up my life and keeping me from the time and the space for intimate details.

I am re-reading this book in preparation for my lay classes starting in a few weeks.  My spiritual side has been woefully neglected lately.  It seems if you look closely enough that those little angels gathered there in the windowsill are whispering to each other.  I want to know their secrets.



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14 responses to “Centering.

  1. Once again, I have tears in my eyes after reading your post. It it lovely and the photo is too. I love the lighting in the photo and the serenity.


  2. Lovely photo and beautiful words. Less truly is more.

  3. I’m loving that picture and the words go so nicely with it. things are just clutter – keep what you absolutely love and leave the rest.

  4. I did notice those little angels…I love seeing their little heads peeking through…

  5. Beautiful words and stunning photo. You are my go-to-girl for books. Yes, the spiritual side has been neglected in my life lately as all things food has been consuming me. I went to buy The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and thought for sure I had it, but I didn’t read the title, just the author, and it was In Defense of Food, which I am very glad to be reading, but, wow, what a strange mistake. Buddha mom is next. thank you


  6. I’ve never known their secrets, but I do believe that the path that leads to them is one that we can walk only if we leave all the stuff that’s aimlessly weighing on us behind.
    I’d love to learn more about your lay classes.

  7. Mon

    Good passage.

    I am very much a quality over quantity person – both with people and stuff, but as you read on my blog, I still had the books to consider.

  8. Very powerful words.
    Getting rid of a lot of the clutter can really make you see more clear….there is much to say about simpicity.

  9. Stunning photo. Took my breath away. Funny, as my table is piled high this morning I am feeling the need to simplify and unload. Thank you for this lovely post. So touching.

    ps-I am with genny.. thanks for sharing your book suggestions!

  10. wow, just reading this post and looking at the picture makes me feel more calm 🙂

    i just finished “the shack” recommend it big time. i was afraid it was gonna be all “churchy” but come to find out it was more about your own spiritual path. very good book. hope you ave a good weekend

  11. I want to know what the angels are saying. But mostly I just love how the photo says, peace, peace, peace.

  12. Gorgeous photo!!
    Blessings to you mama : )

  13. What a timely, beautiful post. It seems as I do my blog roamings this morning I am finding all these beautiful reminders.
    Thank you. 🙂

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