Emmy’s Summer Breakfast

I have her exclusive permission to publish her recipe (Mama’s privilege).

She made it for herself this morning and then agreed to teach me, because it is so very delicious.

I give it to you word by word:

1. Put handful of blueberries and blackberries in a bowl.

2. Add banana.

3.  Put banana peel in the stinky compost jar.

4.  Mash banana into berries with back of spoon.

5. Push it down and kind of flatten it till it’s mush.  It’s okay if the berries get crushed.

6.  Mix it up a little, then keep your spoon.

7. Pour the yogurt in-just as much as you want.


8.  Peel the fuzzy off the peach.

9.  Break off bits, but be sure the juice drips in the bowl.  You might want to lick the heaven off your fingers.

10.  Put the walnuts in.

11.  Put the chocolate chips in.

12.  Crumble in 1/2 a donut.

(Editors Note:  We use the very small cider donuts.  If using a regular donut, might want to use a 1/4).




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14 responses to “Emmy’s Summer Breakfast

  1. I think the “lick the heaven off your fingers” part pretty much sums it up – it sounds wonderful! Beautiful job Em!! I look forward to reading more of your yummy creations!

    PS: What’s a cider donut?

  2. they are donuts made with reduced apple cider. i’ve never made them myself, but they make them fresh at the orchard in the fall and the amish family down the road at the farm make them on the weekends.

    no need to say they are dee-lish.

  3. oh good a legitimate way to eat donuts for breakfast! sounds dee-lish

  4. I think Miss Emmy is a natural in the kitchen! Not to mention resourceful, “making sure the juice drips in the bowl”…she knows not to waste the best part! She’s right…it IS heaven!! Right now my son is in the kitchen making “the best sandwich in the world”…it’s good to let kids loose in the kitchen. Last week he “mastered” his quesadilla recipe…he’s 11. And cracks me up. Kids are amazing…

  5. I would be all over that creation

  6. that is wonderful, i love her directions. SO SWEET 🙂

  7. Too cute. And I love your Bunnykins bowl! 🙂

  8. blueskyhi

    Ooooh, I can only dream of a summer breakfast as we are drudging through winter. It is freezing here, it’s only 55F but feels colder. So enjoy every bit of your summer and your breakfast too, as it looks delicious.

  9. Tell Emmy that I really appreciate how she shared all her tricks, from composting to licking fingers!

  10. Sounds like a perfectly good breakfast to me. Loved the “you might want to lick heaven off your fingers” part! I love fresh peaches and pineapple; they’re like nature’s candy!

  11. I think you have a budding chef on your hands mama! You have taught her well ; ) This recipe sounds delicious Emmy, thanks for sharing it with us!!

  12. Fantastic Emmy! Bet it even tastes better in that bunny bowl! Happy Breakfast!!

  13. brilliant! i am going to make this for my family, thank you!

  14. I was actually surprised that I was the first person to mention the Bunnykins bowl. I love Bunnykins! I had a set when I was little but apparently I – ahem – threw it off my high chair in a fit of obvious insanity. ; )

    I now have a plate and mug that I cherish – and a small round coin bank I found years ago at a flea market. It’s darling. One time my mom was shopping in the china department at Macy’s and saw a man buying four sets of Bunnykins – to use as his everyday dishes. How cute is that? Of course this was near San Francisco. ; )

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