Going Home…

With some years on me and armed with a camera, I see my childhood home in a whole new light.  My parents were away, they have a place in Nova Scotia, Canada.  So, the girls and I went down to visit with the cat.  We took some pasta I had pre-made in the fridge and the makings for a salad.  We took a couple of board games, though most important to them was walking the woods.  Most important to me is the joy I see in my girls walking in my own footsteps.  Taking off shoes and walking in bare feet along mossy paths.  Playing Yahtzee at my mother’s kitchen table.  Feeding the fish in the pond Japanese beetles. Reading the books I read to my brother.  We lived there  last summer when I left my husband, so to them, my mother’s home is almost as comfortable as their own.  My memories will become their memories.  The smells of my mother’s woodstove, the damp basement, the old wood, is becoming as familiar to them as it is to me.  When I told the girls in a random conversation that some children fly in airplanes because that is the only way they see their Grandparents, maybe once a year, they were astounded.  We live in a small town.  My grandparents live next door.  My father five minutes, my sister ten minutes, my mother twenty minutes away.  A visit is as easy as hopping in the car….and then we are there, surrounded by the green and the smells and comforts of home.







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13 responses to “Going Home…

  1. Being near family is a blessing. My parent’s live just across town..as well as my bro and his family. My grandparent’s are across the other way…as well as my aunt and uncle. It’s been nice to have them so close by…I take it for granted sometimes. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful…

  2. blueskyhi

    I must say I often feeling that longing (more like an ache) to be closer to my family. I live in Perth, my Mum lives in Sydney ( a 6 hour flight), my Dad lives in Hawaii and my sisters and brother live in New Zealand. I saw my Dad for the first time in March in 5 1/2 years and it was the first time he saw my now 5 yo son. It’s hard knowing that my children miss out on having a close relationship with extended family as it is a crucial part of developing who we are. I’m not sure how we ended up living with such seperation, but I know that I love them more than ever and I never take the time we spend together for granted.

  3. I grew up in Michigan on a big farm. I now live in Seattle in the suburbs. I would love for my kids to see where I grew up yet it is so far away. I can’t justify a trip there just to have them see the farm which may be different now.

    I’m glad that your girls are having this experience.

  4. syd

    Your posts and pictures leave me with a smile on my face. xo

  5. I too live in my childhood town. My dad and stepmom live a few blocks away and we often visit on evening walks unannounced. My mom is a bit further but just a 5 minute car ride and she comes over or we visit her often. My hubby and I have been walking in the evenings this summer in our neighborhood park – a huge expanse of grass and hundreds of trees at least 60 years old or more. He recently commented that people would drive hours to get to a place like this just to spend the day barbquing or picnicing (it’s very busy on holiday weekends and Sundays, but very quiet the rest of the time). We’ve started appreciating what we have only blocks away from us, a peaceful, quiet, green place to walk and enjoy a little nature, even if it isn’t wild. I really appreciate that my parents are so near, but we may make a move in the next few years to someplace that is less hot or a place where we can have some land. I will miss being so close to my parents.

  6. we too live close by to everyone, which is wonderful.

    when i was younger I did a lot of travelling, spending as much as a year at a time each in US, Asia and Middle East – only now that I’m a mum do I understand how my parents felt each time I left.

  7. Liz

    reading that makes me recall the nights and week-ends spent at that house in middle and high school. I hope it hasn’t changed!

  8. It’s nice to be able to ‘go home’ when we need to. Most of my family is no more than an hour away. My husband’s family lives in Washington, a full day of travel by plane for us so we don’t see them as often as we’d like. I do see to it that our girls experience my old childhood home on a somewhat regular basis. It’s no longer in our family but the folks that own it have said we are welcome any time. We’re having family photos taken there later this week.

  9. Your pictures look magical, how lucky for you to live so close to your family and to see your girls enjoying some of the beauty of your childhood! By the way, those peaches in your banner get me every time YUM!!! : )

  10. How wonderful to have family close by. Brings a smile to my face! Love those mossy paths too..

  11. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the mossy path! it looks wonderful Jen, I am so glad you all have each other 🙂 I am one of those unfortunate people that has to use an airplane to see family and i HATE it 😦

  12. There’s something very good when family life makes a nice circle, and when the footsteps of previous generations leave a comforting track for the future ones.

  13. How nice to go home! I’m at my parent’s down and got the biggest thrill watching my 7-rear-old curl up with my tattered copy of Little House on the Prairie.

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