This And That

We are off to the county fair tonight.  It is a mandatory summer activity.  There will be no time for a real post, but here is a little list of great finds this week.


My package arrived from Camie at Red Gate Gardens today and it included not only coffee and a wonderful note, but two vintage books (post to come tomorrow with pics).  Someday,  I hope to be there in Montana for a visit, but am afraid I might never leave!

My dear, dear friend Lizzie, made me extremely happy tonight with nine, jaw dropping images of James McAvoy.  I’m not sure if you all realize what a huge thing I have for Mr. McAvoy.  I turn into a jelly legged puddle of thirteen year old mush when I watch his movies, especially Becoming Jane.  Sex scenes….who needs them when you can country dance with this look in your eyes, but then came Atonement.

Speaking of which Emmy and I learned a bit of English country dancing last year at the Hearth and Home festival which was quite fun, so much fun that we didn’t want to stop, pout.

I have been lurking a bit too much lately over at Smitten Kitchen with at least four new recipes to try every time I visit.

I found a yummy new wine, Root:1 from Chile.  I will admit publicly that I bought it for the gorgeous bottle, but it was equally gorgeous in taste.  I had the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sauvignon Blanc.

I bought these almost too cute recipe cards for my sister for her birthday.  I’ve been admiring them on Etsy for awhile, here.



And finally, I have printed out the homemade yogurt recipe from Tasty Kitchen over at the Pioneer Woman.  It seems a bit scary, and we’re buying it relatively inexpensively over at the farm right now, but the girls really love yogurt, so I might have to give it a try.  Anyone successfully bred yogurt in the past?



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7 responses to “This And That

  1. wow. lots of good finds! have a superb time at the fair.

  2. So for some reason, I totally thought you already were in Montana. Bizarre. Its true that you won’t want to leave. It is a very nice place!

    I too am madly in love with Smitten Kitchen. She makes the most wonderfully tempting things. The recent cherry handpies have me all a quiver.

    Good luck with the yogurt making. I have thought about trying it at some point, so i will watch your experiment with interest.

  3. Those recipe cards are SO cute…great gift!

  4. ohhhh. i LOVE him in becoming jane. i agree, who needs a steamy love scene when he has the smoldering, come hither look nailed down? hot dang! it’s like sex on a stick.

  5. blueskyhi

    Have fun at the fair. I absolutely loved them when I was a girl but we called them the AP&I Show.

  6. lots of good stuff here. thanks for sharing. have a great time at the fair. happy weekend.

  7. You should come visit Montana! Just to have a cup of coffee from MT Coffee Traders is worth it!

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