I was lucky enough (thank you Sutter!) to be the winner over at Red Gate Gardens and received this delightful package on Wednesday!

Not only did she send me the most heavenly smelling coffee, but an awesome postcard and these two vintage books.

Narcissa Whitman, Pioneer Girl, by Ann Spence Warner, copyright 1953.

Heroines of the Early West by Nancy Wilson Ross, copyright 1944.

Ems immediately snatched up Heroines of the Early West and took it up to bed with her.

I love that they have their library pockets still in the front where the cards slid in, remember that?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Camie!



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3 responses to “Mailcall!

  1. there’s nothing better than finding a fun little package in your mail box at the end
    of the day. those books look great. good for ems for snatching one up right away. love the library card pockets….one of my brothers tracked down old library cards for the hometown library that my grandmother visited. they gave him several that grandma signed, he laminated them and gave them out as bookmarks. so cool to have that.

  2. What a nice package. I have a bit of an obsession with vintage books so am very jealous. Hope you had fun at the fair. We have smaller versions in the UK — called summer fetes. Have you have played “wang the wellie?”

  3. What beautiful books and vintage postcards! A really sweet gift, treasures in the mail are so fun!

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