Smile…Know I Love You.


My dear sweet girl.  I know sometimes your heart hurts…but keep smiling and know how much I love you.  Let me give you the healing balm of puckered kisses, stroked hair and enclosed arms.  Let me wipe your tears and hug into you the knowledge of how very much I hold you dear. Let me raise you to know you are beautiful, talented, brave and strong.  Let me instill in you that it was his fault he could no longer commit to you, not yours.   Let me give you my courage and let it support and lift your fledgling wings.



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10 responses to “Smile…Know I Love You.

  1. This brought tears to my eyes…I pray that both of your girls come to the realization early that it was him…and not them. That maybe he was just too lost to be the dad they needed and deserved. They are blessed to have you for a mom…to have you to tell them they are important…and beautiful…and strong. Good for you…I pray strength and perseverance, grace and power for YOU as you raise them up. You are a good mom…and you’re doing a fabulous job. xo

    ps…thank you for the NICE compliment on my new header! You made me smile…xo

  2. Thinking of you and just said a prayer for you and your little one. Touching words, they brought tears friend.

  3. blueskyhi

    Wow, this says all I feel about my son and my lousy week. Why do we feel our children’s hurt so badly??

  4. I wish we could take all the pain, suffering, and sorrow away from our children’s lives. Your courage, strength and love are supporting her.

  5. ok, so now i’m crying…you are one brave, strong and incredible Mummy…

  6. thank you all for your kind comments, we are trying to work through this together, and i am not that brave, just doing what any one of you would do in my place.

  7. bless her sweet little heart. And, bless you for being the sweet mama that tends to that little heart.


  8. Sending you thoughts and prayers of love, peace and strength.

  9. Thinking of you all today, friend. A prayer is winging its way heavenward at this very moment.

  10. With such a strong, wonderful momma to guide her Boo will be all of those things and more, even if it hurts a little more at times. *hugs*

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