I Want A Goat.

That’s just it.  Plain and simple.  I’ve always wanted a goat.  I love goats.  I don’t know what my goat will be good for.  Cheese?  Soap? Lactose freemilk for Ems? Lawn munching services?  The wonderful blaaeeh, blaaeeh from the back lot?


(A lovely at the fair, pleading, pleeaase take me home, pleeeaase).

I love their fur.  I love their long, sharply contoured faces.  I love their knobby knees.  I love their blaaeeh, blaaeeh, blaaeehing.  I love their orneriness.  I love that they try to eat your clothes.

There used to be goats where I live now.  Right about here.  My great grandparents raised goats on the very spot where we run wild now. I am searching very unsuccessfully to find a photo of me standing in this spot as a child, petting their goats.  I think it would be very full-circle to have goats grazing here again.


But there is already too much going on.  Two little hurricanes called children, a dog that runs me ragged, a finicky old throw-uppy cat, and a rabbit who, well all right, she seems pretty content to just hop around.  There is also a job and a house to mind.

Alas, it looks as if there will be no goats in my near future.

…..but maybe one day.  A girl can dream and all.



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17 responses to “I Want A Goat.

  1. syd

    That sounds awfully nice. Plus they eat grass so you don’t have to mow! 😉

  2. elaine

    maybe that`s the answer a low maintenance dream goat, one that is so self sufficient and compliant you will hardly know its there except for the pleasure you take in its presence, call it in…

  3. I love goats too. Think of it as an investment in not mowing the lawn. Maybe?

  4. Um…we have an old throw-uppy cat, too. She’s dang near 16. Rosie…or Rosebud if I’m not mad at her. I’ve known her longer than I’ve known my husband! As far the throw up…vinegar and water gets it out of carpet splendidly…

  5. In my favorite movie, Cold Mountain, there is a wonderful scene where the old woman talks about how much a goat gives you…well, it doesn’t end well for the goat there, as you may know, but goodness I love how she talks about how everything has a purpose, the bird eats the seed, the bird poops, the seed is planted back into the ground. So simple. Whenever I see goats now, it reminds me of this simple thought.

  6. Mon

    I wanted goats for so long. Bought all the best goat husbandry books. Had the land…. But alas, circumstances have changed. Love goat’s milk, and they’re great fun.

  7. Oh, we SO want a goat. But we want goat’s milk and cheese too. Which would mean milking twice a day. Which would mean being home (or awake) twice a day at the same time. Forever.


    But you do have the perfect spot for them. How beautiful to be where you were as a child.

  8. I started laughing out loud at the title. The goat would be the straw that would push my husband over the edge. After the garden, bees, chickens, cats (now minus one old throw-uppity girl) he said NO GOATS. Not that we are allowed one here any way.. but a girl can dream of cheese, can’t she? The time for the goat will come. Hold on to the dream and I can’t wait to see the picture with the goat “inserted” into your photo. Looks like the perfect place!

  9. Bee Girl’s husband and mine must be in coo-hoots as mine said absolutely NOT.

    I can’t imagine what my neighbors would say. As it stands, you can hear my chickens 3 houses down on a good day : )

  10. I love that your roots are firmly planted among the roots of family now gone. It makes for a wonderful, interconnected history.

    I’m hoping for a goat or two or three for you one day soon so that your great-grandchildren will have memories of you and your goats one day…

  11. I love “insert goat here” you are so funny!
    I hope you get your goat/s, but beware.. my folks had a goat that ate rubber rim right off of the car window. I’m sure you have heard plenty of goat stories. I’ll stop now.
    I love your barn and the fact that you run wild in that special spot.

  12. Amy

    Oooooo! Me too! My husband and I were just sitting on the deck last night watching the chickens chase each other around and I reminded him of this lofty goal. He isn’t so sure, but he will come around. A self-propelled mower would be pretty useful around here right now.

  13. The barn where I keep my firewood used to be used for goats and sheep until two years ago. I’m not sure I miss them. Personally, I’d love to have a donkey: but no donkey in my near future either!

  14. oh man oh man, add me to the list of mama’s wanting a goat (or two) 🙂 I think a goat right outside that there barn would lokk just right. I’ll be watching this space for the newest family goat members 🙂


  15. I used to have goats…they are so fun and easy to keep. I’m thinking Angora goats maybe next year…
    I hope you get a chance to have one or some.

  16. great “insert goats here” picture, ha ha! love the old barn too.

    i used to raise sheep when i was younger. miss those days, a lot. I’ve always wanted a cow.

    maybe someday when i have a cow and you have a goat they can meet 🙂

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