Toad Love

“Mommy, mommy come upstairs I have a secret.  It’s in my wardrobe.”


The wardrobe means a lot to Boo.  It is not only her gateway to Narnia, but usually holds her favorite, toys, dolls and other found objects.  This time it held an especially unique treasure.


Well, hello there Toad!

She very carefully snuck it into the house  yesterday while I was at work.  Luckily, Ems was there and aware and found the terrarium for her to put him in.  A free-range toad might have been a bit more of a surprise.

So the evening turned around to become an insect hunt in the back yard for some nibbles for the toad.  Very obviously Ems is not the cricket/grasshopper type, nor is she fond of the fact that we were catching them in the same containers we store our food in. “You ARE going to wash these right”?


So we kept the toad for a day.  Explained to Boo the need for wild things to be free and with a kiss we let him back out by the water spicket where he was found. Once cupped so she could give him one last pet and we watched him hop away.   I always imagined that it was boys that turned toads out of their pockets and kept snakes in boxes under their beds?  Guess you never know.



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11 responses to “Toad Love

  1. Reminds me of putting butterflies and caterpillars in mayo jars with holes hammered in the lid. So much fun…

  2. If you love someone ~ set them free. Or something like that. A toad in the house would not have worked for me.

    Your comment on my blog was just what I needed to read – thank you : )

  3. I need a closet that is the gateway to Narnia!!!
    How cool is that?.

    My kids are into the grasshoppers that have taken over our garden…I’d rather go for the toads…
    -toads EAT grasshoppers.

  4. Kids are great, aren’t they? I would probably never think to bring a toad into the house. It makes perfect sense to a child though.


  5. I used to keep spiders in a terrerium in the basement. That didn’t last long…

  6. I love that the wardrobe is “her gateway to Narnia.”

    The toad story made me smile. It also made me think of the stories I read as a kid, something like The Adventures of Mr. Toad.

  7. faunarain

    Oh my girls would get along great with Boo! They love and collect toads too. We’ve also been know to keep one overnight.

    Lisa 😉

  8. nope, girls play with toads too, i still do!

  9. blueskyhi

    If you kiss a frog it turns to a prince, but what happens if you kiss a toad??

  10. Once I ended up with about 20 snails in one of our drawers… I think it was my friend’s 10-year-old son…

  11. I was that little girl as well. I had a soft spot for frogs, toads, and salamanders. 🙂

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