A Magical Crossing




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14 responses to “A Magical Crossing

  1. That really does look magical! How cool is that.

    Great job with the photos!


  2. yes, it looks like you are heading into a magical land.

  3. Amazing photos in an amazing place of some amazing little girls. So pretty…

  4. It does look magical, like another world.

  5. The fourth one down is my favorite. So glad you could capture this for your girls. I hope they treasure the magical memories of childhood. They look adorable.

  6. what an enchanted bridge! I love these pictures, so calm and serene. 🙂

  7. Beautiful…reminds me of Bridge to Terabithia. I love the magic of childhood…

  8. What land were they going to?

  9. You could write a whole story based on those photos. Lovely girls. Lovely journey.

  10. magical indeed! you have captured the beauty and light of your children as well as the magic of the forest so well! Such beauty here : )

  11. Love these photos. It does truly look magical.

  12. Beautiful pictures. The light and shadows are so striking!

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