Book Sharing Monday: Little Bunny’s Sleepless Night

“Little Bunny’s Sleepless Night” by Carol Roth, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

3808557991_272f10bee5One of my all-time favorites.  I love Valeri Gorbachev’s illustrations.  Also, see Heron and Turtle and Peter’s Picture which also contain similiar lovely illustrations by him and were also written by him as well.

“Little bunny had no brothers or sisters.  He had his very own room with his very own bed.  But sometimes he got lonely-so lonely that he could not fall asleep.   One night he thought: What I need is the company of a good friend”

And thus begins little bunny’s journey to find a friend to sleep with, but somehow he just cannot get comfortable until he settles back into his own nice comfy bed.

Just a note:  This book is even more fantastic when you give each of bunny’s friends their own unique voices.

This book has a side story to it that relates in a funny way to things our children never tell us. I remember my mother telling me how my brother only told her after he was older that he was terrified of the Raffi song “Joshua Giraffe”.  Do you know how many times we listened to that song growing up?

Ems admitted to me this year that this book scares her.  It’s the sweetest tale but something about the illustrations.  Do you know how many times we read this book?




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2 responses to “Book Sharing Monday: Little Bunny’s Sleepless Night

  1. Ooohh..I love the illustrations, too. But I can see why Em may be a bit afraid of them…they do seem a bit “dark”…you know? Which is probably why I like them!

  2. faunarain

    Great review. We love this book, one of our favorites!

    Lisa 😉

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