Beauty In Chaos

Laughing and smiling girls learning to swim in the pool.
My first monarch butterfly, dancing down by the mailbox.
Fresh peaches that drip down your chin.
Mushrooms taking advantage of  what appears to be monsoon season.
My grandparents rocking on their porch swing.
An inbox full of well wishes and prayers.
A new Martha Stewart Living in the mailbox.
Six new green peppers growing in the garden.
My daughter inventing another recipe in the kitchen
A gorgeously old handsome turtle crossing by.




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    7 responses to “Beauty In Chaos

    1. Sounds beautiful…especially that dang peach! Glad to see you…I was just thinking about you and there you were! xoxox

    2. there you go – still find beauty despite. I like that about you.

    3. 🙂 and more hugs to you.

    4. Love that turtle! Glad to hear you are taking it slow.. hugs…

    5. Love the turtle. Finding wonder in the mundane ~ one of your wonderful traits.

    6. blueskyhi

      Cool, that inner strength of yours is working wonderfully well.

    7. I love turtles. I never see them.
      Don’t you love when Martha is in the mailbox? I have been waiting for my Country Living for a while now. I am trying not to peek in the one at the grocery. Right when I break down and buy it, it will be in the mail. Always happens with me.

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